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Welcome to the accounting office of Julia Leghorn, Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant, tax partner at ALLEGRO TAX AND ACCOUNTING GROUP, LLP.

Who we are

We are a public practice accounting firm, registered with the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of BC to practice in all areas of tax, accounting and assurance.

What we do

We are pleased to offer a wide range of tax and accounting services for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Please visit our Services page for a detailed description of these services.

We specialize in nourishing small businesses, providing critical, continuous and affordable accounting support throughout each step of building their business. We can also assist with business set-up, official registration, controllership tasks, management and accounting personnel training. Further, services include advising on business structure and tax planning, Canadian personal and corporate taxes, U.S. personal and corporate taxes, tax services for non-residents of Canada.

Our goals

Our work philosophy is simple:

  • provide accounting services at maximum efficiency;
  • committed to the highest degree of accuracy; and
  • offer affordable rates

To achieve these goals, we utilize the highest technological advancements available in the accounting profession, continuously update our accounting expertise and closely monitor tax legislation and accounting standards which could impact our client's taxes and accounting.

What you can expect working with us

  • Your tax and accounting needs will be completed on time, with reporting deadlines met
  • The quality of your job will be precise, thorough and in accordance with accounting standards
  • Our fees will be fair and reasonable

Our commitment to you

We feel strongly that high personal values must be incorporated into the business relationship. Our clients can anticipate being treated with integrity, loyalty and personal attention. Importantly, we respect our clients’ privacy and handle their personal and business information with great care and in conformity with the CPA Privacy Code.