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Accounting Services


Ø      Bookkeeping and Year end      

Ø      Books set-up for new and existing businesses          

Ø      Payroll services        

Ø      HST, WCB and overdue GST, PST     

Ø      Financial statements      

Ø      Income Tax    

Ø      US Personal Income Tax   

Ø      Budgets and Forecasts     

Ø      Tax planning and consulting   

Ø      QuickBooks services



Ø       Bookkeeping (Monthly, Annual) 

Full cycle bookkeeping services are available on a monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Source documents can be dropped-off at any time. Scheduled pick-up from a client’s office can also be arranged. Punctuality, accuracy and meeting the reporting deadlines are guaranteed.

Ø       Books set-up for new and existing businesses 

  • Set-up of chart of accounts, document templates, corporate information, lists of vendors and customers, and other services as required.
  • Registration with WorkSafe BC and Canada Revenue Agency for HST, payroll and income tax.
  • Registration for specific taxes and levies is also available. (hotel tax, non-resident withholding tax, excise tax, etc.)

Ø       Payroll services 

§         Payroll calculations, payroll remittance

§         T4, T4 Summary, ROE

§         Direct deposit set-up

Ø       HST and WorkSafeBC Filings, overdue GST and PST reports 


Ø       Year-end and Financial Statements 

Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with applicable accounting standards and conform to bank requirements. We will prepare either a compilation (NTR) or a review engagement depending on your needs and objectives.

Ø       Personal Income Tax (T1) E-file 


  • Individuals (no business income)
  • Self-employed
  • Rental Income
  • Investments, etc.
  • Entering Canada: Newcomers, Dual-Status Taxpayers
  • Leaving Canada: Non-Resident Filing, International Taxpayers*

    NOTE:  *We specialize on working with individuals who have international investments or US tax filing requirements

Ø       Corporate Income Tax (T2) E-file  

Corporate Tax Returns are prepared as a part of the year-end engagement. Corporate Tax Returns must be
filed every year with the CRA, regardless if the corporation is inactive. We can file multiple years and bring
your company back to compliance with the CRA.


Ø       US Personal Income Tax 


We assist with filing US Income Tax Returns and Reports to the US Treasury (FBAR).

Canadian visitors to the United States who stay in the US for extended periods of time or Canadians working, doing business or owning property in the US may be subject to US income tax. If you are in one of these categories, please contact us to assess your particular situation and determine your filing status.

All US citizens living in Canada must file a US tax return annually. IRS imposes severe penalties for non- filers. Please note that certain exemptions from income, foreign credits or withholding taxes, under IRS Tax Code or the Canadian-US Tax Treaty Articles, may be applicable.  However, in order to take advantage of such exemptions, the IRS and/or CRA forms must be filed by certain deadlines.
For more information please visit US and International Filers page

Ø       Financial Analysis 


  • Budgets
  • Forecast
  • Cost/Profit Analysis

Analytical reports specifically designed for your business will help to maintain financial health and stability. As example, cost/benefit analysis are especially useful if you are planning to expand your business, take it in a new direction, implement new technology or product or make a decision whether to lease or buy business assets. Banks often require business plans as part of loan application package. We can prepare business plan for your business project.


Ø       Tax Planning and Consulting 

Well thought-out tax planning for your business and personal affairs can create a lasting financial benefit. What the tax consequences for an investment you are planning to make?
Thinking whether to incorporate your business or not?
We can offer you evaluation and constructive advice regarding your tax issues.

Ø  Trust examinations 

We provide examination of trust accounts for lawyers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents. All examinations are done in strong conformity with the requirements of the relevant governing organization. 

Ø       QuickBooks Services 

  • Set-up
  • Support
  • Training

We are a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program.

We provide specific additional tax and accounting services upon request, please feel free to contact us regarding your service needs.

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